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With regards to my replica watches order 20114203, I have recived a bank invoice to say you have taken the money but you seem to have taken more then the total amount that was on my replica watches order. Also you have taken a second amount out within the same day. Please can you inform me as to why this is as you have taken to much off me. With regards to the replica watches uk that is not in stock, please can you refund the amount in full back into my account as there is on other replica watches that I would like to purchase. Please can you email me back with the answers to the above asap. I should have been e-mailed if the replica watches uk was not available without having to ask. I have chosen the following as a replacement: Rolex Submariner Automatic 18K Gold Plated Two Tone with Blue Dial-Blue Ceramic Bezel, Model: 3535051. This comes to £72.41, which I have already paid, so there should not be any problems. Please contact me to let me know if this is okay. When will my swiss replica watches be sent? It is quite a while now since I placed the first swiss replica watches order, and I need this swiss replica watches uk very soon, as it was ordered as a birthday present for my son.

As I stated before I was only really prepared to accept the replica watches uk I had asked for something which you assured me you had. But I am whiling to accept the orange face replica watches uk as long as it is in pristine condition. I am now accepting this replica watches uk so I wish the order to be turned around quickly for me. Can you confirm delivery please. This is the third e-mail I am sending to you without any response. Could you inform me of when I can expect my swiss replica watches. If you do not want to send me out the swiss replica watches then could you please refund my money. I am disappointed in the service I have received and was hoping to recommend your company to my friends whom like me have a taste for the finer things in life. I hope that this matter can be resolved quickly and look forward to some sort of response from you. Sounds if you had the exact amount of straps for the same amount of swiss replica watches. Come on, the swiss replica watches are made as are the straps, so why can not you sell that strap to me? I do have exactly the same swiss replica watches so there is no need for me to buy another, but I really like that strap, so wanna buy it from you. Get in touch with your Taiwan maker to make one extra strap, that's all.